Indiana’s gaming landscape may be best described as a mixed bag. While the state is especially notorious for some high-profile “looted gains” in recent years, it has done fairly well when it comes to other industries. If you’re looking to gamble, Indiana may be a great place to do it. There are a few reasons for that.


Primarily, the legal climate of Indiana has been quite favorable to online gambling. Short Summary: Indiana is relatively liberal when it comes to gaming laws. The state has a fairly decent lottery, and the casinos are permitted to offer anything they like as long as they are operated in the traditional water and twenty-four hour a day basis. Of course, this all changed with the recent passage of the Steve Precourt era, which outlawed most new casinos. That was a huge boon to Indiana’s tourist industry, but also had a somewhat negative effect on Indiana’s live gaming establishments.

In Indianapolis alone, two out of three casinos have closed. Some of those losses may have been avoided if Indiana had not passed what is called the Hoosier Park law. This landmark legislation forbids new casinos in urbanized areas such as Indianapolis. Even existing casinos must adhere to this rule, or face closure. The same goes for all Indiana casinos, which now must play in Lucas Oil Field and Assemblyman Park in Indianapolis.

Indiana University was once a major domicile for the film and television industry. One of the major attractions on campus was the infamous “Hoosier Park”. This was where “The Godfather” and “Law And Order” were filmed, as well as other popular movies of the time. Although the movie locations are no longer there, the land that they occupied still has a lot of charm and casino property features that give it a prominent location in the Indianapolis real estate scene.

One of the most popular casino resort locations is Indianapolis Racinos. Many people visit this casino to play blackjack and roulette, and they even offer live entertainment at times. The casino is in transition, but it has a lot of character and history, which makes it a nice place to revisit. General Motors hired its own vice president of operations for the casino, Frank Pace, who previously worked with Bank of America in New York City.

Just south of the Bloomington Road area of Indianapolis, you’ll find the Edison Place. It was formerly a dry cleaners and department store before it became an elegant casino. You can still see some of the original slot machines and old baccarat tables. The casino is currently undergoing renovations, but the classic buildings will be there for years to come.

If you want to play some poker or have a good time playing poker at a casino without actually going there, you should consider heading to the Indiana Harbor casino. It has one of the best video poker game tables in the country, which is great if you prefer to play video poker over the slots. The casino features two rooms that are perfect for playing video poker: the Riverfront Club and the Alleys. The Alleys have some pretty old brick alleys that are lined with beautiful gardens. The casino features three full-service bars, a full service live entertainment schedule, and a kid’s club with video poker games.

In addition to all of these wonderful casino destinations, Indianapolis has a beautiful golf course for residents and visitors. The Menyford Golf Course has been given a rating of “green” by the Golf Digest and is one of the fastest growing golf courses in Indiana. This course has four unique holes that are par four’s, which will allow you to practice your short game before hitting the links.